Authentic moments are naturally beautiful moments. When you partner real moments with an artistic flare, it makes it a “forever” moment to treasure.

We loved how Jess & Taylor’s Wedding was full of the real stuff. Fun, family, and friends, were the focus of the day. From her waking moment on her big day, Jess surrounded herself with the women who were special to her & Taylor. They all gathered in her mother’s kitchen for coffee, laughs, and pampering. Mornings like these, can’t get much better!

Off to the church! All of a sudden, there were not enough vehicles to fit all of these women & their STUFF! Jason & I moved around some gear in our van and loaded up dresses and duffle bags. A few of our new friends hopped in and we breathed a sigh…a comical event to calm the nerves. If this was the only hiccup, this day was going to be perfect! Meanwhile, the guys were doing their thing…

Back at the church, the girls aired out their dresses, brushed their teeth one more time, and got Jess into her fabulous Jess dress.

When the guys arrived to get dressed, the day seemed to get “real”. Energy, emotions, and excitement filled the room. It was getting closer to the long awaited aisle.

Guests from all around filled the sanctuary. The bridal party paraded down perfectly and the tiny little flower girl astounded the crowd with her perfect walk down the aisle despite the crowd. All stood, for the long awaited moment and it couldn’t have been more fantasy like! Don’t miss the groom’s reaction!

Together at last! Together forever! And the party gets started with photos at the family farm before an elegant and unforgettable reception at The Trillium.

In all the splendor, elegance, and charm of such a spectacular day, Jess & Taylor stayed true to their own expectations of soaking in each moment as a bride & groom together, loving on family and friends, and just keepin’ it real.