The Family Behind The Lens


Jason and Tara met on the last day of Jason’s trip to Tara’s hometown in MI. Similar to a “love at first sight” experience, they exchanged numbers before Jason’s return to Alaska. A month later, Jason flew Tara out to beautiful Alaska for their first date and it’s been an ongoing, wild adventure ever since! 

Passionate about growing closer together as a family, Jason and Tara love seeing other couples coming together to create authentic, beautiful, forever moments and are proud to service so many brides and grooms all over the world. 

Starting a business together was the best risk they’ve ever taken, perfectly aligning with Jason’s prophetic pick-up line, “I want to see what it looks like when we both put our powers together.”  Cheesy or not, it worked!

Clients have expressed their appreciation for Jason’s technical talent and Tara’s marketing brain. They both have a genuine love for creating powerful images to help businesses or to preserve a personal memory and they have a “do-what-it-takes” mentality for the best possible outcome. 

Beyond the business, Jason and Tara are fun-loving parents of Caleb, age 8, and Eliana, age 4. These two have amazing imaginations and aspirations. Jason and Tara are proud to call them part of the Dove Light Photography team. Caleb started his own youtube channel called, Caleb’s Creature Adventures. This young man is always on a mission to learn more and use his knowledge for good. Check out his channel here! Caleb’s Creature Adventures

Eliana sees the world in a beautiful light. Her sense of humor is unmatched for a four year old and she brings a ton of fun and imagination to our family mission. You may catch her incredible cuteness on youtube or on our social media from time to time.

Our family is all about exploring the beauty around us. Hiking, camping, traveling, and family fun are at the very top of our priority list. Tara’s love for the great outdoors and her passion for reaching the highest potential manifests itself into ultra trail running. You’ll catch posts of her running arduous mountain trails and other crazy races around the country. Jason’s love for the great outdoors and his passion for spreading beauty manifests itself in photographing the magnificent world around us, whether it’s the frozen wilderness of Alaska or the peaceful colors of the Tropics and everything in between! Caleb’s love for this is obvious! His youtube channel says it all! Explore, learn, educate, repeat! Eliana definitely takes after her mom and runs every trail she sees. Her favorite places are Rainbow Falls and Sliding Rock.

Creativity is an aspect of our nature that we do not take for granted. Our appreciation for other creatives and the synergy that comes from them is invaluable! As a TINY part of our long term goals, we started a group called Carolina Creative Space. It’s a safe place for creatives to collaborate, brainstorm, create connections to produce outstanding work and get critiqued for improvement. Without other creatives in our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We hope to be a part of others’ journeys too. Do you write, draw, paint, love photography, videography, graphic design, acting, singing, dancing, modeling, cosmetology, YouTubing, podcasting, or the like? Join our tribe!