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Jason Massey

Jason is a highly skilled, highly creative photographer who specializes in portraits, editorial, weddings, events, and lifestyle projects.  He embraces beauty around him and aims to share it in its best light to leave a lasting impression. Along with his attention to detail and dedication to an immaculate image, Jason is passionate about connecting with the ambitions of others and producing a product that fits their need “to a T”

His portfolio ranges from photographing the wondrous beauties of Alaska to projects with actors and musicians in L.A. to portraits for CEOs and corporations throughout the U.S. as well as a project in France.

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Tara Massey

With a diverse career background, Tara brings a high-level of professionalism and understanding to every project. After teaming up with Jason, the two have pioneered the gem of Dove Light Photographywhich goes beyond extraordinary. Tara takes service to the highest professional level. Her strength is cultivating relationships and a passion for creativity. She has a first class “do whatever it takes” attitude. She enjoys working with ambitious clients who are looking to take their projects to the next level.